French Blue - Overview

Individual Style
Colours and finishes as individual as you. Billi has a range of tap designs that will complement your space.

Choose from handcrafted, artisan colours and finishes.

Matte White, Matte Black, Gloss White, Gloss Black, Grape, French Blue, Red, Gold, Weathered Bronze, Lime Green, Rose Gold, Chrome or specify a custom colour or finish, we will deliver your signature Billi to you.

The Billi Aqua Genius is small and dynamic, easily retrofitting into your existing kitchen. An everyday luxury you will wonder how you ever did without. The convenience of ready boiling, chilled, still or sparkling filtered water. Pure unadulterated hydration on demand.

Aqua Genius, that’s Billi.

French Blue - Specifications

XL Tap pictured compatible with the following products.

System Product Code
Boiling & Chilled Billi Eco 901000
Billi Quadra Compact 904010
Billi Quadra 420 904020
Billi Quadra 440 904040
Billi Quadra 460 904060
Billi Quadra 4100 904100
Billi Quadra 4180 904180
Boiling & Ambient Billi Sahara 310 943010
Billi Sahara 320 943020
Billi Sahara 360 943060
Billi Sahara 3120 943120
Billi Quadra 460 904060
Chilled & Ambient Billi Alpine 125 932125
Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Billi Eco Sparkling 903000
Billi Quadra 460 Sparkling 903060
Billi Quadra 4100 Sparkling 903100
Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Plus Mixer Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus 9 903065
Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus 15  904105
Boiling & Ambient Plus Mixer Billi Sahara Plus 320 943025
Billi Sahara Plus 360 943065
Billi Sahara Plus 3120 943125
Please note that mixers are only available in finishes.


French Blue - Downloads