Billi B-1000

Refreshing filtered drinking water with a designer tap.

The B-1000 offers the convenience of filtered drinking water along with elegant functional style. Green building design principles are incorporated into the B-1000 providing you with the ultimate in environmentally sensitive drinking water appliances.

Ambient filtered water
Enjoy the convenience of having clean, healthy ambient temperature filtered water always on tap, ideal for drinking or cooking.

High-tech filtration
Billi’s premium sub-micron filters ensure that all health-threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides are safely removed while fluorides are retained, leaving you with refreshingly clean drinking water, every time.

Energy saving
There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to lessen your carbon footprint. The B-1000 requires no power consumption and offers healthy pure drinking water for a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of bottled water.

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Energy Efficiency
The B-1000 requires no power consumption for operation which ensures negligible running costs.

Filter Technology
Certified by global public safety agency NSF International*, the sub micron filtration in the B-1000 ensures that all health-threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides are safely removed while fluorides are retained. Filter cartridges have been designed to be exceptionally easy to change and they can be ordered online or through your local Billi Home retailer.

Space Saving
The B-1000 offers exceptional space saving at only 130mm wide x 130mm deep, it fits easily within a standard cupboard compartment and allows you to make the most of the available area.

The entire Billi Home range is covered by a comprehensive 24 month warranty. This does not include filter cartridges which are a consumable item and have a varying life expectancy depending on usage patterns and water quality.

Billi B-1000 - Specifications
Model B-1000
Suggested no. of persons Unlimited
Ambient water delivery Unlimited
Underbench Height (mm) 320
Underbench Width (mm) 140
Underbench Depth 130

Billi B-1000 - Downloads
Billi B-1000 - Options & Accessories

Choose a dispenser
Choose from our standard Round Slimline, or the optional Square Slimline, depending on your taste and surrounding tapware.

Integrated drain font
If the dispenser is to be mounted away from a sink, choose our XI Slimline Font. The ultimate in modern clean styling, it can be either surface mounted or recessed into the bench top for a completely flush mounting.

Choice of finish
Choose a finish from Chrome, Brushed, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Rose Gold and Weathered Bronze.

Extension kit
In a situation where the underbench unit cannot be mounted directly below the tap, Billi also offers a tubing extension kit for the B-1000 which allows the unit to be mounted up to 2 metres away, giving extra design flexibility.

Premium filtration
The standard filtration in the B-1000 is sub micron, which provides a very high level of water quality whilst maintaining reasonable filter life. We also offer premium sub micron filtration option for even greater water purity and this filtration option is available with our units when originally supplied.

Billi B-1000 - FAQS

We recommend a new filter at least every 6-12 months, depending on usage and water quality.

Yes. You should always use the correct filter for your water system.

Yes. As filters catch contaminants, they become soiled. Billi under sink water systems use mains pressure, so reduced chilled water flow indicates you should change filters.

Contaminants collected in your undersink filter become concentrated when filters reach the end of their life and can affect water taste. Ensure that the filter is replaced at least every 12 months or 6,000 litres.

Yes.  Billi Font is available for this purpose in a finish to match your filtered water dispenser.