The Billi Ultra range delivers boiling drinking water. The Ultra range incorporates robust design and proven technology for years of reliability in heavy use applications from commercial kitchens to factory tea rooms. Our Australian designed and made products are quite simply the world’s premium drinking water systems.

Superior Design
Our Ultra range represents exceptional value and is a natural choice for applications requiring heavy use and simplicity of design. Our Ultra range offers an number of design benefits including:

  • large range of capacities, total of five different models
  • automatic safety cut off if water supply is interrupted
  • industry leading 2 year warranty
  • filtration options available

The entire Billi Ultra range is covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty. As an Australian manufacturer we not only have close quality control but we are also uniquely positioned to offer exceptional after sales service. To explore the Ultra range further click on the Features tab above or simply contact us.


Ultra – Features
Energy Saving
Intelligent temperature control All Ultra systems include technology that enables power to the element to be progressively reduced as the temperature nears boiling point, preventing any steam generation or over heating and therefore conserving power.

Robust Technology
Reliability Trouble-free operation is paramount in the design of the Ultra systems, steel construction and heavy duty components that allow us to provide a full 2 year warranty on these systems.

Maintenance Friendly The tap is mounted on a separate block to the cover of the unit, allowing the cover to be removed without having to disassemble the tap for maintenance.

Safety Cut Off All Ultra systems come with a safety cut off function. In the event of the water supply being interrupted the power to the element will automatically be cut. When water supply is restored the power to the element will resume.

Ultra - Specifications
Model Ultra 300 Ultra 600 Ultra 800 Ultra 1600 Ultra 2500
Product Code 910030 910060 910080 910160 910250
Suggested No. of Persons 18 36 48 95 148
Boiling water delivery (cups per hour) 3 litres 6 litres 8 litres 16 litres 25 litres
CHeating element (kW) 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4
Current draw (Amps) 10 10 10 10 10
On Wall Height (mm) 370 420 510 545 550
On Wall Width (mm) 260 310 310 365 414
On Wall Depth (mm) 155 170 170 220 264

Ultra - Downloads
Ultra - Options & Accessories

Choose from a wall mounted or counter top mounted drain tundish where drainage via a sink is not available.

Add an inline filter to the Ultra system, available in both 5 micron or sub micron, the filter can be mounted immediately before the unit or located in a nearby cupboard.

Ultra - FAQS

The Ultra unit does not have built in filtration, but there is a compact inline filter that can be fitted to the unit inlet. Contact Billi sales on 1800 812321 for additional information.

No, the Ultra includes a built in safety shut off device. As soon as water supply is lost the unit will shut down automatically and will resume operation again when water supply returns.