KwikWash I Series

Instant hot water at 99.7% energy efficiency

The Billi Kwikwash I Series incorporates unique heating technology that directly heats the water without using a conventional resistance element, called Optimised Direct Energy Transfer. The unit will use no power at all unless the tap is being used. When the water flows, the system determines the exact amount of energy needed to heat the water to the required temperature reducing scale and increasing efficiency.

Using life-cycle analysis, the heating technology, installed in medium density apartments, is up to 3.1 times more energy efficient than gas and up to 1.6 times compared with solar-boosted gas!


No TMV requirement

As the KwikWash I Series unit has an incorporated temperature monitor, it is able to provide water within +/-1.5C, eliminating the need for a TMV reducing upfront installation and ongoing maintenance costs. This is unique in the instant water heating market. The Billi Kwikwash has been tested to and is compliant with NSW Health requirements.

Single model

Typically hot water units are rated to different inlet water temperatures which means you are required to choose the correct system. The Billi Kwikwash I Series has a single model which delivers the accurate temperature water no matter what the inlet temperature.

Note; not suitable for SA and WA due to water quality and conductivity requirements. New model to follow.

Scald-safe design

The Billi KwikWash incorporates an inbuilt safety sensor which prevents the temperature exceeding 43.5°C eliminating the risk of scalding.

KwikWash I Series - Specifications
Model KwikWash
Product Code 960001
Hot Water Delivery (L/ hr) 180
Rated Power (kW) 9.6
Rated Amps 40
Min / Max Flow rate 3.5 – 4 L/min
WELS rating 6 Star
Unit Height (mm) 295
Unit Width (mm) 210
Unit Depth (mm) 125

KwikWash I Series - Downloads
KwikWash I Series - Ease of Install & Certifications

Water Supply

A 15mm stop tap is required (not supplied).
Supply pressure; max 500kPa.
Maximum rated operating pressure: 10 MPa / 10 bar / 150 PSI
Inlet Temp Range: 3-42°C (water outlet will not be lower than inlet)
Water Conductivity: 80µS/cm to 800µS/cm plus 15% at 20°C (µS-microSiemens)

Power Supply

Billi Kwikwash I Series requires hard wiring with 40Amp. Control box requires 10Amp GPO.
The dual tap system requires an additional 10Amp GPO.
Frequency: 50Hz


All components of the Billi Kwikwash I Series system and Sensor taps are covered by a comprehensive 12 month warranty on all parts and labour.


Every Billi KwikWash I Series is manufactured under an ISO9001 certified quality control system. The Billi KwikWash has been tested and complies with all required standards: Tested to AS/NZS 3498 and AS/NZS 4020. C-Tick approved; Watermark License Number 22136; AS/NZS 3500 In accordance with AS/NZS 3500 Section 1.9, the Kwikwash does not require the installation of tempering valves or thermostatic mixing valves, tested and certifies as meeting the requirements of NSW Health*; AS/NZS 60335.2.35 and IEC 60335.2.35 for electrical safety; IP rating is IP44

*Certificate available on request

KwikWash I Series - FAQS

Yes. The technology used in KwikWash I Series is new. It is this revolutionary new technology that delivers these additional features and benefits:

  • “Optimised” System – 100% “optimisation” keeps the hot water temperature stable even if the cold water pressure drops. It also takes advantage of the incoming water temperature – the warmer the incoming water, the less energy is used to heat the water to the required temperature.
  • The hot water temperature is accurately maintained at the set temperature
  • This ranges between 20°C and a maximum of 50°C. The water temperature will not exceed 50°C
  • Low standby Energy Consumption
  • TVs can consume between 10W to 15W of energy while on standby – in contrast, the KwikWash I Series will only consume 1W to 1.5W while in standby mode.

The unit draws just the required amount of power, just when it is needed. It may draw up to 40Amps, but it only uses energy while the tap is in use.

The unit will stop and restart. Every time the unit restarts it needs to be run for about 1min before it will start to heat again.

The unit will stop working and the LED on the front will go RED. This may happen intermittently in areas where the water supply agency blends water from different sources.