Billi Pty Ltd will provide regular scheduled filtration maintenance on the units that are specified within this document, for a period of 36 calendar months and will be scheduled for commercial and domestic applications. A more frequent service interval may be required in areas with poor water conditions or heavy equipment usage. Additional filter changes to those scheduled and all breakdown repair work will be charged separately, at the additional service rates as previously mentioned within this document and will be responded to within two (2) working days – excluding public holidays.

Regular service includes: Filter cartridge supply and replacement, sanitization and minor adjustments as required.

Additional filter changes to those scheduled and all breakdown and maintenance repair work will be charged separately at the additional service rates, shown on page two (2) of this document.

Damage to equipment caused by unauthorized service technicians, plumbers or electricians, abnormal water conditions, negligence or abuse will not be covered under this agreement and repairs will be charged at the additional service rates, as stipulated on page two (2) of this document.

Upon early termination of this agreement, for any reason, Billi: (a) will be entitled to retain all monies previously paid under the agreement, and (b) may recover the balance of agreement due for the contract period as an amount immediately due and payable and any and all additional damages and expenses sustained by Billi by reason of such early termination or by reason of the breach of any provision contained or implied in this agreement.

This agreement incorporates the Billi Pty Ltd standard terms and conditions of sale- as published from time to time on www.billi.com.au to the extent of any inconsistency, the terms of this agreement shall prevail.

This Filter Maintenance Agreement is applicable to the company or person stated within this document and is not transferrable. In the case of the equipment being relocated, this agreement will only remain valid if approved by Billi Pty Ltd.

This Filter Maintenance Agreement will be renewed annually unless otherwise notified and is immediately valid on receipt of payment. Payment will only be accepted by direct debit.

All prices quoted are GST exclusive and subject to annual review. Prices quoted are valid for thirty (30) days from the date the quote is received.